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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roofs blend home electricity provision and energy conservation with an aesthetically pleasing, shingle-based design. This integrated solar and storage solution not only generates clean, renewable energy but also offers backup power during outages.

Tesla Solar Roof Certified Installer

Southeast Energy Solutions expertly customizes and installs Tesla Solar Roof tiles to fit any structure, optimizing energy production especially in areas with high sunlight exposure. Our focus is on ensuring peak energy efficiency, leveraging our knowledge to harness the maximum power potential for your property.

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Tesla Solar Roof Benefits

• Enhance your home's aesthetic with a solar-powered roof
• Ensure energy availability with stored power for evening use or following weather disruptions
• Reduce energy expenses
• Minimize environmental impact
• Enjoy uninterrupted power supply

As a testament to quality, only Tesla Authorized Installers like Southeast Energy Solutions can equip homes with Tesla Solar Roofs, Panels, and Powerwalls, highlighting our status as a trusted installer.

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What Tesla Solar Roofs Look Like

The Tesla Solar Roof is designed for modern and future-ready homes, offering a clean and contemporary look. It's built to resist hail damage and withstand high winds, ensuring it's a robust option for any location.

Solar energy, encompassing a wide spectrum of light including moonlight, is harvested by Tesla Solar Roof as DC. This is then converted to AC through a Power Inverter, serving as the main power source for the home.

Top-Tier Protection and Durability

Tesla's Solar Roof tiles are designed for extreme durability, capable of powering homes with renewable energy through any weather. They come with a comprehensive 25-year warranty, covering efficiency maintenance and damage repair, including replacement and installation, ensuring homeowners are safeguarded against both financial and safety risks.

Crafted from tempered glass, these tiles offer top-tier protection against environmental elements like hail, wind, and fire, making them an ideal, safe choice for both residential and commercial roofing needs while supporting environmental sustainability.

Tesla Mobile App

By connecting the Tesla mobile app through Wi-Fi, users gain direct access to monitor their energy production in real-time. This app facilitates immediate updates and comprehensive energy management right from your smart device, offering a detailed view of energy usage, cost savings, and the performance of your tiles.

Furthermore, Tesla Solar Roofs not only present a stylish, durable roofing option but also promise long-term savings on electricity bills by generating lower-cost power, underscoring a commitment to sustainable living and reduced environmental impact.

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Solar Roofs vs Traditional Roofs

Choosing durable materials that withstand harsh elements is vital. Tesla Solar Roofs, which generate electricity, surpass traditional materials like asphalt in longevity and come with extensive warranties. They are less susceptible to damage from environmental elements, offering enhanced home protection and energy generation.

Poorly installed or low-quality materials often lead to leaks and damage. Although most roofing materials are initially effective, their performance can degrade over time, eventually requiring significant repairs or even complete renovations.

Tesla Solar Roof tiles are built to last and efficiently withstand the environment, backed by a 25-year warranty for continuous protection and energy generation, even in severe weather.

In case of power outages, traditional homes might lose electricity or rely on generators, while homes with Tesla Solar Roofs maintain power through their energy storage system, providing a reliable energy source during emergencies.

Opting for materials that don't produce energy misses the chance for clean energy generation and cost savings. Tesla's solar solution not only stores energy for later use but also allows real-time energy monitoring through a mobile app, enhancing your home's value and reducing environmental impact.

Pros and Con of Solar Roofs


Visual Attractiveness: Solar shingles blend in with the existing roofing, improving the home's overall appearance.

Energy Savings
: Convert sunlight into electricity effectively, reducing energy expenses.

Boost in Property Value: Properties equipped with solar technology generally command a higher resale value.


High Initial Investment: Installing solar shingles requires a significant initial outlay, although financial incentives and rebates may offset some costs.

Installation Constraints: Primarily recommended for new construction or when replacing an entire roof, which may not suit all retrofitting needs.

Tesla Powerwall

Experience the convenience of energy independence as Tesla's solar technology seamlessly integrates with Powerwall, allowing you to store excess energy for use during peak times or emergencies.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

During power outages or when it gets dark, electricity is supplied by your Tesla Powerwall. Unlike backup generators, which may need up to 10 minutes to activate, the Powerwall starts almost immediately, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

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Benefits of Installing Tesla Powerwall with us

Explore the benefits Southeast Energy Solutions brings to the table.

Tesla-Certified Excellence

Our technicians are Tesla-certified experts, guaranteeing the installation and optimization of your Powerwall to the highest standards. This ensures a reliable and efficient energy solution for the long term.

Seamless Integration

Southeast Energy Solutions specializes in seamlessly integrating Tesla solar panels and Powerwall into your property. Our advanced techniques result in a flawless and visually appealing installation that not only enhances your energy independence but also complements the design of your property.

Tailored Solutions

Every home or business is unique, and our certified installers work closely with you to customize the installation based on your specific energy needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize maximum energy independence, backup power during outages, or a combination of both, we've got a solution for you.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay ahead with the latest innovations in Tesla's solar technology and energy storage. By choosing Southeast Energy Solutions, you benefit from the most advanced and efficient solutions available, contributing to a sustainable and future-ready energy ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to install solar shingles by myself?

Installing solar shingles can be quite tricky, so it’s best to leave it to the solar roof experts.

How long do solar shingles last?

Solar shingles are known for their durability and can last a long time, typically around 25 years or more, with regular checking by solar roofers.

Will solar shingles increase the value of my home?

Homes with solar roofs are often seen as more valuable. Not only do they help you save on energy bills, but they also make your home more appealing to buyers, thanks to the work of solar roof experts.

How do I know if my home is suitable for solar?

A few factors determine this, like how much sunlight your roof gets and its size. Our team of solar roofers can assess your home and let you know if solar shingles are a good fit for you.

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