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Explore answers to common questions about solar energy with Southeast Energy Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page covers everything from installation processes to financing options, helping you make informed decisions about harnessing solar power for your home or business in the Southeast.

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What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is a financial arrangement where the customer pays for the electricity generated by the solar system at an agreed-upon rate.
A solar PPA is nearly identical to a solar lease, but with this arrangement, the contract you sign sets a fixed
price per kWh, lower than what the local utility company charges. With a PPA, the solar leasing companies are fully responsible for the installation and maintenance costs, and you typically don’t pay any upfront fees.

What is a Lease?

A Lease is a financial arrangement where the customer pays a fixed monthly rate to use the solar system and its renewable energy to reduce utility bills.

A lease and a solar PPA are nearly identical, but with the lease, customers pay to use the solar system
equipment, not the power they use. Solar leasing companies are fully responsible for the installation and maintenance costs, and customers typically don’t pay any upfront fees.

How soon will I save money?

With the LightReach energy plan, power is generated at a fixed rate – helping you to immediately save on
your electricity bill.

How does it work if my electric company raises their rates?

The LightReach Energy Plan provides an annual fixed, predictable cost of electricity for the duration of the
agreement that escalates at rate often lower then historical and forecasted utility rates.

Why would I want a LightReach Energy Plan?

● Realizing fast savings
● Safeguard you from escalating energy rates
● Low risk and 25 years of comprehensive protection
● 90% Product Guarantee Assurance in FL
● No down payment is required, and no initial cash output
● Predictable monthly payments
● Investment in clean renewable energy

Am I covered if something happens to my panels?

Yes, your LightReach plan comes with 25 years of protection bundled in. Eliminating out-of-pocket
expenses for repairs and maintenance, including labor.

What if my system isn’t working?

When you choose a LightReach plan you’ll be provided with Palmetto Protect Performance. This includes proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, remote diagnostics, labor, performance guarantee, and more...covered for the term of the solar energy plan, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for repairs and maintenance, including labor.

What is Palmetto Protect Performance?

We want to provide you with the best protection and service available for your solar system, through:
Palmetto Protect Performance. Your protection package includes:

● Equipment: Panel and Inverter
● Workmanship
● Roof Penetration
● Intelligent Issue Detection
● Remote Diagnosis & Troubleshooting
● Proactive Service Alerts
● 5-star Customer Support
● Service Management
● Nationwide Field Service Network
● Covered Repairs & Labor*
● 90% Performance Guarantee**

*Exclusions may apply; service visit fees may be incurred by customer depending on service case reason
** 90% Performance Assurance in FL

What is a performance guarantee?

A home solar performance guarantee gives you the confidence that your home solar system will perform
as expected. We predict the amount of energy your home solar system should produce each year based
on several factors.

How often is there a true-up of my bill?

We will review and true up the bill every 3 years.

Is a rate escalator different than a true-up?

Yes, Customers will have a fixed monthly payment based on estimated production. This is reviewed every 3 years (true-up) of the term based on actual production. The rate escalator applies to the kWh rate every year. The customers monthly payment will increase annually according to the rate escalator, regardless of the true-up.

If I have a LightReach Plan am I eligible to receive the state, local, and federal incentives?

No, unfortunately since you don’t own the system you are not able to take advantage of any tax rebates or
other incentives that come with owning those solar panels.

What happens if I sell my house and move?

You can transfer your LightReach energy plan and the monthly payments to the new homeowner as long
as they meet credit requirements and where it is permitted by the local utility. The new homeowner will
need to sign a transfer agreement.

Will I receive a bill from both my electric company and my LightReach Energy Plan?

You will receive two bills:
1. LightReach Energy Plan - this bill covers your power purchase agreement (PPA)/Lease payment
2. Utility bill - you will still receive a bill from your utility company.
Your home solar system will still be connected to your utility. During times of low solar production(for
example at night), you may need to use electricity from your electric company in order to meet your home energy needs.

Can I really go solar with no money down?

Yes, you can. Qualifying customers can secure long-term savings for as little as $0 down with a LightReach
energy plan

Does the home need to be Owner Occupied?

Homeowners must be the contract signers, but the house doesn’t need to be occupied by them. Aka
second homes & rental properties are in the clear

What happens at the end of my PPA?

You have the option to renew your Lease for up to 10 years in two 5- year renewal periods.

Where can I see my solar system production?

You can monitor your home solar system’s production through your Palmetto App. In addition, as part of
your LightReach energy plan, we proactively monitor your home solar system and alert you to any issues